If Agape Bay Area has made a powerful difference in your life, and you feel like you've found your spiritual home, we invite you to share your treasure by donating today. Here is an opportunity to lean into a consciousness of abundance and ask what you will share with Agape Bay Area.


Awakened Giving means to recognize that in giving we are affirming the universe is abundant through our actions. Through giving we grow in prosperity consciousness. When we can reach into our heart and ask what is a gift that is even a little bit of a stretch; whether being on one of the Agape Bay Area ministries teams, offering expertise, or committing to a tax deductible gift.

We thank you for supporting us today by becoming a donor.

Thanks so much for your love!

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GOOD NEWS!  Agape Bay Area is now on Amazon Smile, which means that it receives a small percentage of every sale when people select Agape Bay Area as their charity of choice.  


Simply go to  smile.amazon.com and choose Agape Bay Area  Center For Awakened Living.  Every time you make a purchase, go to smile.amazon.com, make your purchase, and Agape will automatically receive money.  It's such an easy way to support our community financially.  Thank you!